Progress report #1

I will post a progress report fairly regularly in order to keep you updated on what is going on at Delicious Decadence. If you’re on Facebook you can like ‘Delicious Decadence’ and you’ll be kept up to date on a daily (mostly anyway) basis, and you’ll get pictures more regularly also.
I kept meaning to start these sooner but time keeps disappearing! Therefore, the first report is rather long! Keep reading though because we have done a lot! The place is unrecognisable!
  • Finally got the keys and the mammoth task of getting the place up to my standards began – I have rather high standards! Bit of a problem in some respects!
  • Cleared out the cellar – an area that stretches beneath the entirety of the shop and was full of stuff from several of the previous owners, not to mention a lot of cobwebs and dirt! A thoroughly unpleasant job but it had to be done! Three car loads of rubbish taken to the tip and a whole load of scrap found!
  • Cleared out the shop, kitchen, and back room. Once again found a lot of stuff that went straight into black bags!
  • Purchased a lot of very important things – oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, furniture, sink, kitchen units, cutlery, crockery etc. Quite a bit of money spent but all very much required!
  • Did all the annoying filling and sanding down in the shop – took longer than expected!
  • Painted the shop – first had to be entirely painted white in order to cover the dark brown already on the walls, and then painted in my colours; Fairy Dust (pale pink), Chocolate Chip, and Toasted Almond (dark cream).
  • Ordered some more very important items, such as a coffee grinder so that I can actually serve freshly ground coffee.
  • Painted the office
  • Got the kitchen cleared to an extent – can’t completely clear it because that requires some plumbing work and a gas man!
  • Cleaned the kitchen tiles with my team of helpers! Took a day but they are now no longer covered in tile grout, grease and grime! Screwdrivers were required, which is slightly worrying!
  • Bought flooring for the toilets and the office
  • Finished the office – laid the floor, painted the woodwork, built a desk, bookcase, and wheelie chair, and added my own cute little touches.
  • Started work on the kitchen wall – involved ripping down what was there and starting from scratch. Bit of a mission but leaving my dad to sort it out!
  • Got the two toilets sorted – laid floor, put in the finishing touches, and scrubbed them clean
  • Painted the kitchen ceiling and walls
  • Got rid of the two huge serve-over counter fridges from the shop (amazing!) – means there is now space for a counter!
  • Cleaned the shop floor – took a good couple of hours from my mum!
  • Sofas and chairs were delivered
  • Cleaned the remaining fridge, which took three of us four hours…
  • Cleaned the till, which really shouldn’t have been necessary
  • Put the two sofas together and built the coffee table to go with them – not only a step forward for the shop but gives us somewhere comfy to sit during our lunch break!
  • Started building the kitchen cabinets
  • New handwash sink has been attached to the wall and plumbed in ready for use

I think that is everything for now! There are probably things I’ve forgotten because this list stretches from getting the keys up until this evening! All sorts of trials and tribulations have happened in the last month or so, which will most likely get written about separately at some point soon! I seem to be a bit short on time at the moment so the blog keeps getting forgotten about!

I’m going to try and get some photographs up in the gallery to show the progress in picture form, but bare with me on that!

Progress report #2 will come much sooner so won’t be quite as impressive!

A lot of hard work is being put in to make Delicious Decadence the perfect place I want it to be, so thank you to everyone that is helping out! You’re all doing a fantastic job!

Come back soon to find out more!

Kate x

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