Up and running

So it’s taken me a little while to get round to writing another post, but in my defence, I have been a little bit busy…

As of today, the shop has been open for 8 weeks and 2 days! 8 whole weeks already, seems to have flown by!

What’s been happening I hear you cry…quite a lot is the quick answer!

We’re not doing too bad so far, I’m not complaining at any rate. We’ve got a lovely string of regulars developing, which I do rather love! It makes it all seem a bit more worth while when you see people returning! New people are always welcome and keep finding us, by accident if nothing else!
The mother is doing a sterling job (spelt right here but wrongly on the kitchen fridge because we ran out of magnetic letter ‘e’s) at bringing customers in by telling all her patients! Who knew feet and cake went so well together…oh wait…

People keep asking me if I’m enjoying it all and then genuinely seem surprised when I say yes! But I really am! I won’t lie though, I have had a few days, when its been a bit quiet, when I’ve thought have I made a huge mistake, but that passes the minute someone else comes in and orders a slice of cake! People appear to want the things I have to offer and as a result I can’t not enjoy what I’m doing! I want to make people happy and I’m going to do that by providing them with plenty of sugar! I am basically the complete opposite of a doctor or dentist!

So, what has been learnt in 8 weeks?

The most popular cake by far is coffee cake.┬áIt has won a lot of praise! I’m not even sure what it is I do that makes it so nice but it’s clearly working! The rocky road is also a firm favourite of many, unsurprising though that one! Who doesn’t love chocolate, cherries and marshmallows?! Very few, thats for sure!

I am very fortunate to have found such a lovely team of staff as well, people that I class as friends rather than anything else! I’m glad I get to go to work and spend my day laughing with people I get on with – not everyone gets that sort of working environment so I am definitely grateful for that…even if I did create it myself!

We are still finding and ironing out teething problems, something that I think will continue for a little while, but we are all working very hard to make things work. What’s most important to our customer is that they feel welcome and comfortable. The majority of people have been very nice and positive, commenting that they like the atmosphere and everything I have done to change the place, which is all very nice of them!

If anyone is reading this that hasn’t dropped by to see us yet, then you should definitely come along! Just for a cup of tea or coffee if nothing else! We’d love to meet you! If you have been in and you’re simply reading this to find out what is happening then come back soon!

We look forward to seeing anyone and everyone!

Kate x

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  1. Barbara says:

    My hubby and I just had a bite to eat here this Sunday lunchtime and found the service and food excellent. The sandwiches were very tasty and the homenade soup out of this world. The Latte was just how I like it and the Rocky road cake was to die for. We will certainly be reccomending you and will be back again.
    Wishing you every success.

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