And so it begins…

So here we are, I’ve actually taken the plunge and bought my very own business premises! What was very much a pipe dream a few years ago is starting to come true. Slowly but surely my coffee shop and bakery is becoming a reality in all it’s pink and chocolate brown glory!

Its maybe just taking a little bit longer than anticipated to get up and running! I swear when I viewed the place for the first time it wasn’t as dirty as it is now I have actually come to sorting it out! Literally entire days are being spent just on cleaning! My mother is a godsend though as she has OCD tendencies when it comes to cleanliness! I am also very grateful to the small team of other helpers I have had over the past few weeks!

I’ve had the keys since the 18th of december so things have progressed a fair way since then. but there is still a fair amount to do! I’m going to try and keep this blog updated a bit more while I continue to work to get the place ready for opening, which hopefully isn’t too far away now!

Keep checking back to see whats going on!

I look forward to seeing lots of people when we open!

Kate x