Delicious Decadence

Please be aware that the shop at 2 Newlands Road, Jesmond, is now closed, unless you have a collection time for a pre-ordered item.

Delicious Decadence will continue to operate as a cake making service, with delivery available around the region.






  1. Francesca says:

    Looking forward to seeing what your new shop will be like. You might want to consider opening on a Sunday, if only 1030-4 ish, and closing on another day instead. You have a lot of families and working people near you who might be around less during the week but ready for someone else to make the coffee at the weekend. Only really speaking for me, but it’s a thought. I’m sure I can’t be alone.

    • Kate says:

      Hi! Thank you for commenting, and for coming and taking a look at the website! It is really nice to hear from people in the area. I too have been thinking about my opening times and they may yet be revised. Having been down at the shop on a Sunday (while decorating etc.) I have noticed a lot of people moving around, which I wasn’t expecting to begin with. I am now working out whether to close on a Monday instead, and I would be interested in what you thought about this? I want to be a place that members of the community want to come to, so please let me know what might work best! Kate

  2. Simon Rochester says:

    As a neighbour and after so many disappointments after Nikki & Mary left I hope YOU do succeed. Good Luck and very best wishes for success.

  3. Matt says:

    I look forward to seeing your shop open, one thing I really liked about the shop that was there before this one was that it also had a different variety or drinks that you could not find in supermarkets, are you planning to do something similar?

  4. Toby says:

    Hi – I agree that opening on a sunday would be of benefit to the neighborhood, but more importantly to your profits. Sunday morning is hangover time which is exactly when people dont want to cook themselves. Good Luck

  5. lynne howlett says:

    Hello Kate

    I think you tried to ring me today when i was in a meeting and I can’t find the message if you left one? Assuming it was about the Hummingbird cake? If you let me have the shops phone number I will try to call you back or will call into the shop on Friday when i am off work.

    Lynne Howlett

  6. Ashley says:

    Are you licensed? I’m looking for somewhere to take my mam as part of her 50th birthday celebrations. She’s never had an afternoon tea before and wanted to make it even more special with prosecco or some kind of fizz?

    Ashley x

    • Kate says:


      We aren’t licensed I’m afraid but we are happy for people to bring their own alcohol and drink it, so if you wanted to book in and then bring a bottle with you that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

  7. Joanne Slater says:

    Can you tell me if your cafe is dog friendly? We usually go to Cafe Nero or Cafe 1901 as they are both dog friendly but it would be nice to try your place as we often walk our dog around there…..thanks x

    • Kate says:

      Hi Joanne,

      I’m really sorry but we only allow assistance dogs inside the shop. It has been something we’ve thought about but on asking many of our customers what they thought about it, the majority said it wasn’t something they’d like. We do put tables and chairs out when the weather is nice and we have absolutely no problems with people sitting outside with their dogs. I hope we might see you at some point.

  8. Yvonne says:

    Hi I was wondering if your wheelchair accessible as I’m in a powered wheelchair we’ve seen an offer on Groupon for afternoon tea that looks delicious

    Thank you Yvonne

      • wendy says:

        I just had to let you know how much myself and my friend Elaine enjoyed our afternoon tea on Saturday. It was exactly what is expected of an afternoon tea, it was well presented and tasted DELICIOUS.. It was plain to see while talking to you that you enjoy what you are doing and the young girl working with you was very pleasant. My only disappointment is that you are not nearer Durham where we live. Keep doing what you are doing as it was lovely Wendy p.s the triple chocolate cake was just as good as the afternoon tea

  9. JOANNE SLATER says:

    Do you think you might become a dog friendly cafe in the future? We have been to your cafe twice, but had to sit outside because we had the dog and the table was on a slant so things kept sliding off plus it was a windy day so it wasn’t a very relaxing cuppa. There are so many dog walkers around your area that it would be nice to have somewhere closeby to go for a coffee and food. What do you think? Cafe Nero, Costa and Cafe 1901 all welcome dogs….

  10. Joanne slater says:

    Thanks Kate. We have sat outside before with the dog but the table was unstable and the cups/plates kept sliding off the table so it wasn’t very enjoyable. Never mind….thanks anyway x

  11. Debbie Scott says:

    Hi I’ve bought a groupon voucher for chocolate afternoon tea, could I please book for this Sunday (28th June) for 1pm it would be for 2 adults and 3 children, the children will be having food from the menu if that’s ok? Thank you.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Thank you very much. I’m afraid the one day the shop is always closed is Monday. We are open Tuesday to Sunday and afternoon tea can be booked on any of those days if that is possible for you. Kate

  12. Carol Barnett says:

    Hi Kate,
    I have a Groupon voucher for the normal afternoon tea. Could I book in for Sat 5 September please? Any time really, around 1.30 maybe? Looking forward to it!

  13. Stuart Pearson says:


    I have a groupon for chocolate afternoon tea for 2, can I book in for 3pm on Saturday 12th September please?


  14. Jane Montgomery says:

    Hi could I book afternoon tea for two please on Tuesday 15th September for 1pm?
    I have a groupon voucher.

  15. Julie Youngman says:

    Hi can I book a table for 2 on Saturday 5th December please? I have a groupon voucher for a festive afternoon tea.


  16. avril bell says:

    hi i tried to ring the number on a groupon voucher last week and a lady answered saying it was a private number? she said she had had a few calls for delicious decandence. i am wanting to book afternoon tea for 3 people for tuesday 1st march if thats possible. if you could get back to me that would be great, thanks.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Avril, I sent you an email but I’m not sure if you’ve received, so I will respond here also just to be sure! The number on the voucher is 01912854052, and that is our phone number, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting through to us on it. I can book you in for 3 people on Tuesday 1st March, what time would you like? Kate

  17. Louise Carroll says:

    Hi Kate, Thanks so much for a brilliant cupcake party on Saturday! Sophie and her friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun baking and decorating! Please thank your assistant Sophie too.
    Best wishes Louise

  18. Tina Devlin says:

    Just had a lovely afternoon tea at your coffee shop,

    Lovely food felt very welcoming
    Thanks again

  19. Edie says:

    Cannot fault the brilliant customer service that is provided, the beautiful baking skills and flawless decoration on cakes. Made the most awkward order of a batch of 10 cupcakes, to have our office logo on it, with one vegan and one gluten free. Gone above and beyond, so thank you very much! Deffo be ordering from here again in the future! X

  20. Laura Hall says:

    Hi there – I’m thinking about booking the afternoon tea for my mum and wondered if it comes in a gluten free option too?

  21. Sarah Falcus says:

    Hello, I am due to bring my Mum for afternoon tea on Thursday however she is 77 and has to self isolate can we reschedule once it’s over.

    We want to support you over this time so will schedule to bring the whole family!
    Kind regards


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